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This website is for information and education purposes only, and is not a substitute for the professional judgment of a qualified healthcare professional in diagnosing and treating patients. Neither Jaha center nor the licensors of the site content nor the providers of the site content provide medical advice, medical or diagnostic services through this site, and accordingly, reliance on the features or functionality of the site or any other content through the site is at your sole risk. The site does not (and cannot) bear any responsibility for your use or misuse of patient information or any other information transmitted, monitored, stored or received in connection with the site, nor is it responsible for any errors or omissions in such information, nor any errors or omissions that occur from you or anyone who can access the site The site or its content through you. Without prejudice to any other provision of these terms of use, you acknowledge that Jha center is not responsible for any loss of data or any failure, interruption or interruption in the provision of internet service or any other communication services provided by third-party suppliers.

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Jha Center May at its sole discretion provide and make available on or through the site a “chat” room, User Forum, bulletin board, or other discussion space for public, semi-public, or licensed users only, in which the actions of persons are not acting on behalf of Jha center, and they may post or upload content for public review by others In this case, each user who wishes to participate must acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of the interactive forum user agreement of Tabibi tawhari Medical Center at the time of his first registration in this forum and then each time that user logs into the forum using the password he has assigned or any other code،

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Exclusion from liability

You acknowledge and agree that neither Jaha center nor any of its subsidiaries, directors, shareholders, officers, employees, agents or any other representatives shall be liable or held accountable to you or any other person for any real, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages (including loss of profits and loss of business opportunities) or for any Or any other damages arising in any way out of or in connection with the following: (1) viewing, accessing or using the site for any other use by you or by any person who obtains access through you; (2) reliance by any person on the content of the site; or (3) any act or omission of Jaha, its licensors or suppliers in connection with the site.

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Jha Center has the right to terminate the work of the site or terminate your access to the site at any time and for any reason؛

In the event of such termination, the provisions of these terms of use expressly or implicitly for the purpose of continuing to operate after such termination shall remain in effect after such termination, including but not limited to the provision that you agree to resend or destroy all copies of content that you have obtained from the site.

Compliance with laws

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Governing law 

By providing information to Jha center, each user: (i) acknowledges that Jha center operates within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia; (ii) agrees to allow us to transfer and use such user information to any necessary location, including outside the borders of the country, in order to improve the services and operations provided by Jha center and / or its advertisers And other third party suppliers, (iii); agree that such use by US is subject to the terms and conditions stated in this document and the applicable laws of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The European Union and the United States of America have jointly developed a set of data privacy principles under the name of the “Safe Harbor” law, and this document is intended to comply with these principles. (For more information you can visit the link it is the clear desire of the parties to this document that the original version of this document and other relevant documents be in English, and that the English version of the document be the only version used in the interpretation and execution of this document.

Miscellaneous Provisions 

Jha Center reserves all rights not expressly granted in these terms of Use, and these terms of Use do not transfer or refer to any other rights or licenses, whether express, implied, arising out of a legal prohibition or otherwise. The failure of either party at any time to request that the other party perform any provision of these terms of Use shall in no way affect that party's right to request compliance with such provision. Any waiver by either party of any breach of any provision of these terms of Use shall not be construed as a waiver of any continuing or subsequent breach of that same provision, nor shall it constitute a waiver of any right guaranteed under these terms of use. If any part of the terms of use becomes void or unenforceable, such part will be justified, limited, modified or severed in order to fix its invalidity or unenforceability, unless such limitation of invalidity or unenforceability results in a fundamental failure of consideration. Failure of either party to perform its obligations under these terms of use due to government restrictions, labor disputes, an emergency situation, unavailability of services or materials, or any other reasons beyond that party's reasonable control, which can be avoided by using appropriate care methods, shall be deemed a breach of these terms of Use, and if any period of performance is This performance period shall be considered extended accordingly, provided that this provision does not apply to the repayment of funds. Limitations and limitations to these terms of use under local laws and treaties may not apply to you, and you may be entitled to other rights and remedies, and may be subject to other limitations and limitations.