Rights & responsibilities patients & their families

Tabibi specialized laboratories aims to promote community health and wellness in a developmental and educational environment that seeks to provide innovative and integrated patient-centered care.

This information explains to you and your family members your rights when receiving health care at Tabibi tawhari medical laboratories.

You have the right to: 

  • Receive treatment with appreciation, compassion and respect for your beliefs and culture
  • Maintain your privacy and confidentiality of your information
  • Receive appropriate medical care for your condition and receive information about you confidentially
  • Receive superior healthcare from competent and skilled professionals in a safe and private environment
  • Participate in all aspects of your health care and decisions regarding your health (in the presence of your family, if you wish) as permitted by the regulations of Tabibi's specialized laboratories tawhari medical and applicable law in the kingdom
  • Access to medical information in a manner and language you understand
  • Seek medical advice from another doctor without affecting the care, treatment or service provided to you
  • Refuse recommended treatment, or leave the hospital other than medical advice, provided that the consequences of that decision are accepted
  • Give your opinion and comments regarding the care provided to you, and get an answer without delay, without affecting your treatment or derogating from any other rights of you
  • Protection from physical abuse by visitors, other patients and hospital staff
  • Be informed of your medical condition, any confirmed diagnosis, health care plan and appropriate treatments
  • Be informed of the expected outcome of your health care and treatment plan and any unexpected outcome
  • Know the identity of your physician or any health practitioner responsible for your care
  • Receive appropriate pain assessment and treatment with compassion and care, and provide the patient with dignified care until the last moment of his life
  • Know how to contact your health care provider in case of an emergency
  • Respond to the patient's desire to receive spiritual and religious support.

Your responsibilities are:  

  • Treat medical staff, patients and visitors with respect, kindness and appreciation
  • Book and adhere to or cancel appointments in a timely manner
  • Provide accurate and comprehensive information about your health condition and anything that may affect it
  • Participate in the development of the medical care plan and follow all instructions during the period of treatment in the hospital and continue to do so after leaving the hospital. This includes leaving Tabibi's specialized tawhari Medical Laboratories after completing the check-out
  • Respect the privacy of others. Note: photography is not allowed in Tabibi's specialized laboratories without prior written permission.
  • Consider that patients will be treated according to the urgency of their medical needs
  • Keep all the valuables you bring with you to Tabibi's specialized labs
  • Be aware that some services are not available in Tabibi's specialized tawhari medical laboratories and therefore you may be referred to another hospital
  • Respect hospital policies and procedures (e.g. visiting hours, smoking policy, use of electrical appliances, safety of personal belongings)
  • Proper and safe use of hospital facilities and equipment